Join the Lab

Are you interested in joining the lab? Here are some tips for how we would like to hear from you and the kinds of opportunities we have available.


We typically have a substantial group of undergraduate researchers in the laboratory - ranging from the starting level of assisting with basic projects to fully independent undergraduate research projects. For students interested in working in the laboratory whether paid or unpaid, a good starting point for applying to this laboratory is to send an email introducing yourself, your previous research/work experience and with a resume or CV attached. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us      

  • A CV (if you haven't put one together yet, this is a good opportunity—if you look around you can probably find some advice on how to do this)
  • Why you are interested in joining the lab and how it fits into your career or education goals
  • Your level of experience with computers, programming, and Oceanography(it's ok if you don't have much, but it's helpful for me to know this)
  • Coursework you think might be relevant, and any professors or mentors who can serve as a reference
  • An indication of how many hours you can realistically commit per week (minimum 5)
  • An example of computer code or scripting you have done (if applicable)

Your first quarter(10 Weeks) in the lab are considered probationary, after which we will meet and decide whether it continues to be a good fit.

For many majors, it is possible to obtain independent research credit for your work in the lab. I am happy to support this once you have been in the lab for at least one semester.