Daniel is a 2nd year PhD student in the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science (IGPMS) and Geography Department. He received his B.S. in Applied Physics from UC Santa Cruz in 2012. Daniel’s undergraduate thesis was titled “The Influence of Vertical Migration on Larval Dispersion along the California Coast.” This research focused on the use of the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) to study dispersion of passive particles in the California Current System. Daniel’s graduate research focuses on coastal physical oceanography using observational rather than modeled data. Some current projects include the examination of poleward propagating flows from the Southern California Bight to north of Pt. Conception as a response to a relaxation of upwelling-favorable winds. The acceleration of these flows is driven by a pressure gradient north and east of Pt. Conception. A major asset in this study, as well as others, is the use of autonomous underwater vehicles to collect profiles of the water column both nearshore (25 meter water depth) and offshore (100 meter water depth). Daniel has also examined the effectiveness of these ocean gliders compared to conventional mooring. Additionally, he studies some possible mechanisms of regional variability of ocean pH within the SBC LTER study site. Daniel has also worked as a teaching assistant for multiple UCSB classes including Geography 104, EEMB 153/253 and Geography 3A. In his spare time, he enjoys ultimate frisbee, basketball, softball, and reading.
I am going into my third year as an earth science major with an emphasis in paleobiology. I would like to pursue a career in the the field of paleontology or any other geological science. I enjoy playing soccer , guitar , and exploring the outdoors.
Hello, my name is Josh Inga and I am a first year Earth Science major, with an emphasis in Geology, in the Honors Program at UCSB. I was born and raised in Corona, California and my love for the coast, which played a major factor in my decision to attend UCSB, stems from its grandiloquent beauty, yet unparalleled myriad of biodiversity and recreation all mixed together into one. I am currently an undergraduate research assistant for IOG in the marine lab as well as a chair for IV Surfrider. A fun fact about myself is that I started my own profitable business growing and selling cacti and succulents and my favorite marine gastropod is a sea hare.
Retired Engineer
Jack Martin is a fourth-year student in the Geography department, studying physical geography with an emphasis in oceanography. He assists the Washburn lab in data collection and daily operations. His current individual research interests include pollution distribution throughout the world’s oceans. Being a true southern California local, outside of the lab he enjoys surfing and sailing along the Californian coast. He hopes to continue to be engaged in oceanographic research after graduation in the winter of 2018, and possibly move onto a graduate program in the marine sciences.
Dylan is currently an undergraduate student in the College of Creative Studies studying physics, currently planning on applying to PhD programs in Physical Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences. He assists Libe Washburn with the physics of poleward flows associated with wind relaxations along the California coast.
Nate Rudnick was raised in Encinitas, San Diego, who has been around the ocean all his life. He is currently an undergrad student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he studies Physics. After future graduation in 2015 he hopes to continue conducting research on the ocean whatever that might be. When not in the lab Nate enjoys playing basketball, football, and beach volleyball. One day he wishes to travel all around the globe to experience all types of marine environments.
Garrett is a third year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate from Fresno State University. He is a native Carpinterian and spends his free time participating in activities, such as surfing and golfing. Garrett is passionate about the engineering/design process, and hopes to change the world through his experiences and desire for innovation.