I am a second year physical geography major who is interested in geographic techniques. I assist the Washburn lab in data collection, instrument maintenance, and work involving data. Outside of the classroom I am interested in sailing, swimming, and computer languages r, wolfram alpha, and computer software xpress mosel. Class of 2021
Sean Jawetz is an ambitious fourth-year mechanical engineering student. He has been with the lab for the last year, having spent the summer building signal sources and water sampling bottles while maintaining HF radar sites with Ed Romero. One of his major projects for the lab was writing a manual for the Autonomous Oceanographic Vehicle (attached below). He hopes to finish up his time at UCSB strong, and to work in the consumer electronics industry after graduation. Class of 2020
Lukas Keeling is a third year double majoring in Physics and Mathematical Sciences who has been with the lab since spring 2019. He helps maintain, calibrate, and program various oceanographic instruments as well as assist in field work. After graduation Lukas is eager to pursue a career in the physical sciences and during his free time enjoys surfing and playing soccer.
JP Raimondi is a second year mechanical engineering student. He started working in the lab in the fall of 2019. He works on CAD and 3d printing, field work, and various other projects around the lab. He enjoys playing water polo on the club team at UCSB, surfing, and spending time outside. Class of 2022.
Andie Rupprecht is a 3rd year physics major with a minor in spatial science. She has been with the lab since her freshman year and she assists in part modeling, field testing, and engineering of an autonomous watercraft for oceanographic research. After graduation, she hopes to work with either UAVs or oceanography in some capacity. In her spare time, she can be found running, climbing, or floating in the ocean. Class of 2021.
Divyaa Venkatachalam is a third year biology and environmental studies major. In the lab she works on calibrating oceanography instruments, CAD modeling/3D printing, and assisting with field work. She aspires to continue with a career in the natural sciences after graduating. Class of 2021.